Taking the Plunge into Regenerative Medicine

Before diving deep into Regenerative Medicine, it is important to lay down a strong foundational base for Molecular Diagnostics as well as Genetic Epidemiology. As we know, the field of Regenerative Medicine is highly specialized, and involves the replacement of damaged tissues with proper ones in order to alleviate a physiological disorder. Now Biotechnology takes this several notches deeper, and attempts to make this replacement at DNA level. It is not as though we have not accomplished a lot in Regenerative Medicine so far. But the supply of such recuperation techniques and medicine has always been several steps behind the current world demand. The biggest motivating factor is that our present knowledge and research in the field of Human Genome Sciences, is very solid and substantial. If Biotech Experts across the globe join hands, it will be a much easier task to bring equilibrium in the supply-demand graph of Regenerative Medicine.

Bio-manufacturing: Industry and Non-Industry

So far, the prime areas where Bio-manufacturing has taken the lead in revolutionizing industrial product manufacturing, includes the massive worldwide Food Processing Industry, Medicines, lastly the hardcore Industrial Applications in Biomedical Products. All said and done, there is a lot of scope that still remains in this field, right from systematic Clinical Trials, Supply Chain Management and Quality Control, to the various Process Development Charts and Validation Research.

Genetically Modified Crops: Boon or Bane?

This has been a perennial question that still hasn’t been answered satisfactorily. We wonder if there will ever be a time when biotechnology experts all over the world would be able to come to one consensus as far as GMO crops are concerned. Till then, let the debates and discussions continue unabated!

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