Blending In Bio Spain 2012 – What We Learnt

The blender is an iconic kitchen tool that many people cannot do without. The modern blender has evolved into a gadget that nearly does it all with a few quick pulses. High speeds, various blades, and faster processing have made them indispensable for every kind of cooking. Not just your average smoothie maker, a blender can now help you make an entire meal and beyond. How so? Let’s find out.

1. Decadent Dishes

A rich tomato bisque or a creamy potato soup are a great way to start a savory meal. Soft, fluffy mashed potatoes can be whipped up in a blender while rich sauces and creams can be made to top everything from fresh salads to juicy cuts of meat. A handful of blended ingredients can turn any meal into an experience. Source:

2. Dreamy Desserts

After the hearty portion of dinner is complete comes everyone’s favorite part – dessert! Puddings, pie fillings, whipped creams of all flavors, soufflés, and milkshakes, can all be the star of the show with a quick blender and stir. Sure, you can blend many of these together by hand but you will never achieve the same velvety texture of a blended creation. Source:

3. Sipping Snacks

In between meals or as an afternoon pick-me-up, many people love to snack. Instead of grabbing the nearest bag of greasy chips why not opt for a deliciously healthy shake? A couple of frozen fruits, some juice or water, ice, and your snack is ready in an instant. Add some protein for an extra boost with little effort. Source:

4. Fun Frozen Drinks

Hosting a big party? Make frozen drinks and be the talk of the town! Plenty of ice, a tasty flavoring mix, and a smidge of alcohol and you have got yourself a bar-quality drink right at home. Throw an umbrella in there and you might as well be on vacation. Alcohol not for you? Liven up your morning routine by blending up some frozen coffees. Toss in your usual coffee concoction and add some ice for an icy, creamy, and tasty twist on your every day coffee while avoiding the coffee house hassles and hefty prices.

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