2012 Biotechnology Conference in Spain

When you have the world’s best brains in biotechnology gathered under one roof, the discussions, brainstorming and subsequent outcomes are bound to be amazing. And so was the case with the highly enriching 2012 Biotech Conference held in Spain. From super-inspiring partnering ideas, very riveting breakout sessions, lucrative investment forums and vibrant trade exhibitions, to interactive fodder for biotech geeks in the form of Scientific Congress and Career Fair, there has been plenty to look forward to.

Thanks to all Participants and Sponsors

It is an extremely difficult task to manage a conference of this magnitude and stature from end to end. And especially when it comes to a subject as specialized as Biotechnology, the responsibility and onus is even higher. Be it the travel and venue-specific arrangements, organizing the myriad sponsorship programs and opportunities, housing various guest speakers, arranging the fun evening events or making infrastructural availabilities for higher-scale requirements such as trade fairs and career fairs, we are truly indebted to our gracious sponsors. Also, a big vote of thanks to all the participants who were not only extremely cooperative, but have also joined hands to make the entire conference a great success!

Prime Areas of Focus

Given the diversity of minds at work, it was extremely difficult to restrict ourselves to a particular genre or area of focus. But for the sake of ensuring that our collective efforts spanning across all events, interactions and seminars be fruitful, we did pick out a certain range of topics that would be the prime focus of the Biotech Conference of 2012 held in Spain. Of course, the choice was made purely based on the burning topics of today, and to put it very simple, the focal points that constitute the urgent and immediate needs of the present-day world. The fact that we can approach even one inch closer to these objectives, by lieu of this Conference leaves us humbled. Here’s a look at the prime areas of focus that we strived towards:-

  • Preventive Medicine and its Implications in Biotech
  • Adverse effects of Genetically Modified Crop/Animal Products
  • Nipping Life-Threatening Diseases in the Bud
  • Revolutionary Biotech Innovations in the Food Processing Industry
  • Closer understanding of Ageing through the Biotech Compass
  • Regenerative and Biomedical Technology
  • Building a viable career in Life Sciences
  • Future vision for the Spanish Biotechnology Industry
  • Biotech Start-ups and Governmental Support
  • Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry: Evolution, Present Stature and Future Scope
  • Support Sciences centered on Biotechnology